These are the movies I catch to get my mind right and thinking about hustle.  Some of these are straight gangsta flicks. Some are more street than others. No matter what type of pic it is hustle movies not only motivate you but also give you guidance, something to want to achieve.  I enjoy gangster movies and hood movies for motivation.  If you have suggestions let me know, this list is going to keep growing. 

Off the bat, there is Scarface with Al Pacino, Godfather, then the Godfater collection, Goodfellas, Casino, Donnie Brasco, Boiler Room, Carlito’s Way, American Gangster, blow, transporter, city of God, Boondock Saints, Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. 

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  1. Hustle Strategy » Blog Archive » Cidade de Deus : City of God Says:

    [...] Movies [...]

  2. sales tax Says:

    How could you not have “Glengarry GlenRoss” listed in your movie section? daaayum.

  3. dollardialogue Says:

    Revolver is a must add to your list.

  4. James Says:

    RAD and all 3 of the Jason Bourne movies, not gangsta but classic motivational movies

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