23  Apr

If you want to just lounge and not stress, work with being mediocre as the goal. If you would like to get make something of your life, step up and hustle.

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I found this crib appealing. It has what you need to live a good life and the souroundings make it perfect. Gotta love the open area and the fact that it is in Brazil…

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17  Jul

I have been out this week on vacation.  Internet has been sparse.  I am checking out the pacific coast of south america.  There are some amazing places here that I would love to retire.  You can get land at decent prices and live off of the land. 

I will post on some things later, like islands, whale watching, and party towns.  The most important thing is having your network setup back home so your absence will not be felt too much.  I realized that I am not there nor am I close to being there.  I can always depend on my family, but beyond them, there is not much getting done.  To be able to afford land in various places you have to have the wealth.  So I will post some motivational pics if they turned out well, but hopefully I can touch on the importance of reliable people.  Hopefully I will not be having to do so because of lost revenue, but as a precautionary lesson.

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07  Jul

There are islands all over the world just waiting to be bought.  I am not the biggest fan of log cabins but this I could deal with.  Sitting on 10 acres with mad water front is this nearly 8,000 sqft log crib.  There is room in the garages for 5 cars and there is a players retreat off the second garage, disconected from the house.  This is located in Montana and is going for $17 million. 

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30  Jun

This caught my eye for a few reasons.  The adventure of boating around the world is crazy.  The boat itself has an amazing design.  Then breaking/crushing world records is an added bonus.  Being jailed in Guatemala and pirates don’t sound like something I would want to go into it knowing that is what would happen.  But it seems like an adventure.  The way the boat goes through the water is also crazy…  It does not go over the waves, but through them.  Anyhow, here are some pics of the boat, the map, and a link to more info. 

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“Bad news for Jacob Arabov. The man, better known as “Jacob the Jeweler” and namechecked in stars by hip-hop stars like Missy Elliot for his expensive and gaudy creations has just been sentenced to 30 months in prison. Arabov has been sentenced to 30 months in prison, and will have to pay a fine of $2 million in a sentence handed down today by U.S. district court judge Avern Cohn in Detroit. Arabov was arrested on June 15, 2006 on money laundering charges involving more than $270 million in narcotics earnings for a Detroit-based drug ring.”

This is from luxist.com.   Washing a 1/4 billion sounds sick.  Seems like there is probably more going on here, but I am not trying to guess. 

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18  May
Stimulus Package

I had thought of a few ideas for the stimulus package as posted earlier.  Incorporating a business and starting a stock investment was basically the best I could think of at the time.  Another thing you could do is get some internet realestate, whether it is a domain or other web entity.  For many domains, there is just a small annual fee.  There is the potential to get big money back from these.

If you are going to want to splurge, visit your local gentleman’s club.  It is one of the few ways that the money will “stay” in the US and help out our economy (at-least temporarily).  The money is stalled in the US before it goes into your favorite dancers car or habit.  This is either the best or worst idea depending on whom you speak with about the stimulus package.  You definitely need to try and knock down your debt if you got it. 

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13  May

I am in Orlando for a few days this week.  I am here on “business” so I am not visiting the parks or doing anything really fun at all.  I left seeing photos of Suge Knight on various websites.  I have read various things about what had happened and, well, he got jacked up no matter what you read.  I would say he is one of the most influential people in the movement of hiphop to the mainstream period.  He brought forth The Cronic, enough said.  But just to name drop some more, Snoop, Tupac…  Suge had been “off to college” for a bit and was trying to make a comeback.  This latest news episode is just one of those things that is very symbolic.  Once you make it to the top, you are not guaranteed to stay there or even to have respect from the industry…

Suge has many things going on that I am just glossing over, but you can not deny what he did for the game. Anyhow, back on topic, I will be here in Orlando for a few days trying to grind some.

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01  May
Saleen S5S Raptor

This car caught my eye.  It could go into production soon.  I like idea of there being lots of options for high end sports cars.  Competition in general will push everything to better (not always, but that is the concept atleast). 

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It does not help the game when people put out information that is false or misleading.  I do not like wasting my time and it puts a really bad taste in peoples mouths when you go out of your way to mislead.  I went to check out a small house with renting it in mind.  Here is the web description and picture. 

All Brick Ranch with fenced in backyard in established neighborhood. Many improvements include:All new vinyl and carpet, fresh interior/exterior paint, new doors, blinds, range and kitchen countertops and cabinets. Enjoy patio view of mature cherry tree. Refrigerator and outside storage shed convey.

I was good with the description until I saw the house.  The following statements are where things got kinda weird for me, “new doors, blinds, range and kitchen countertops and cabinets.”  There may have been 2 new interior doors in the house.  All doors were not replaced, which is not really false, but misleading.  There were no blinds in the house at all.  Maybe they were going to put in some new blinds, but they were not in when I stopped by. 

The flyer in the house said “Newly installed range,” and the web description allude to a new range.  This was interesting as well, because the range was old.  It might have been new to the house but it was not new.  The countertops were new and not misleading at all, which was a welcomed thing to see.  The cabinets on the other hand were not new at all.  They were however painted recently, but not new.

 I felt like I had gone to the wrong house and double checked the address a few times.  The flyer had a disclaimer, to the effect of “Information provided by sellers, subject to independent verification by the buyer.”  When people mislead it gives the impression that they are not trustworthy.  You never know what to believe when you deal with them.  I was considering this house, but have since decided against the house, just based on the lies/misleading information. 

Honesty goes a long ways…

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