I spent many years in University.  I studied abroad and visited many countries (from Guatemala to Slovakia).  I thought all of this would pay off.  I realized that it did not make things that much easier for me.  I still have to hustle.  Applying strategy makes the hustle more effective.  I learned more from 5 books than I did during much of my education.  That is what this blog is about. 

I have bought property and sold it for double.  I have software running that processes more than a million dollars in sales an hour (too bad I don’t get a cut).  Learn from my mistakes.  I do not really claim to be anything.  I just enjoy life.

This site is here to give a breath of fresh air.  Life can be good.  Make the most of it.  This site will touch on all things hustle and all things strategy.  There will also be post that provide motivation to hustle.  Take a look at the quotes to get an idea of what the site is about.  Then check back daily for updates.  Keep up with the site, this could get interesting… 

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