27  Mar
Richest Rappers

Here is the top 5 Wealthiest Rappers according to Forbes latest issue.

5. 50 Cent ~$100 MM
4. Birdman ~$150 MM
3. Dr. Dre ~$350 MM
2. Jay Z ~$475 MM
1. Diddy ~$580 MM

What you can gain from this list is that the hustle is not just the rap game. The rap game put these guys in a position to make the snowball of wealth. AKA, they didn’t get all the money from the rap game (well other than Birdman). You got Beats by Dre, Vitamin Water, Ciroc, and other investments…

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15  Mar
Secrets Revealed

To quote CT Fletcher (CTTheTrainer on youtube) “The secrets revealed, fucking hard work”

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04  Mar
New G Wagon

When I talk about the G wagon I will now have to specify which version I want… This new beast is pushing a bit more traction control with 6 wheels and also has 536 hp. Not sure it is practical around my area, but would be fun.

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