04  May

So a quick update. I thought big, started small and grew fast. Unfortunately I didn’t scale well. Now I am trying to do some course correction. So I have been more than busy doing work that should have been scaled out.

I also did something that I will be learning from for a while… I sold my main method of transportation while deciding between a few new cars (well used cars that were at a good price point). As soon as mine sold, so did the others, hence I don’t have a car for a while. Which is almost cool, because I will be out of town about 2 out of the next three months.

Anyhow, I am going to be trying to hit up the site a bit more frequently to talk about how I got behind on work by not scaling properly… I went from doing cool things to managing 17 people. It was not and is still not a good look. Hopefully I can explain where I messed up and how I am looking to get out of the situation.

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