26  Feb
Advice from Dell

Saw this video on l4p and thought it was relative to business in our economy… This is interesting advice form Dell.

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17  Feb
Back in India

and Jet Lag is not a joke…

All good though. I am doing a bit of work. I will be doing a trade show here in India this month, which will be interesting. We are also cooking up a few new iPhone, Android, WinMo7, etc… applications. They are looking good. There are a few new things we are doing on the devices that is pretty cool. Hopefully by the end of the year the apps will be on everyones phones…

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09  Feb
Dev Toys

Here is a picture of some dev toys picked up today. We have quite a few different devices we create applications on. We do windows mobile 6, 6.5, windows phone 7, android, iphone (ipad), etc… I do mostly enterprise applications and some customer applications.

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04  Feb
Quick Update

I started a tax business this year. I am not hands on as there are other people doing the “work” for the company. I am doing a lot of work though which is taking a lot of time from me. Things are looking good for a first year though. I am hoping to get my investment back and have a client base for next year to grow on. I am also not sure if it will be worth keeping an office open all year to do tax related and office related services… Time will tell. This is me being different and diversifying some.

Back to India for three weeks at the end of the month into March for the main work. I will be around NC until then, doing a bit of work with a bank project.

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