10  Oct
Your Job

I had previously oddly enough thought to myself that I did not want to “price myself out of a job.” I caught my self about ready to think this during a recent negotiation. Then reality hit me and I thought, why waste my time on a job where I am getting underpaid. Sure there are jobs that lead to better jobs, but not jobs where I would worry about being too expensive. Once you establish yourself, don’t sell yourself short to “keep a job.”

If you are wanting to move up in the world, you don’t want to be worried about costing your company too much. If you go year to year trying to keep your salary off of the radar of your bosses, cool, that is on you. What I would not want to see is someone justifying a low salary by staying off the layaway list. Your job is never guaranteed. Get yours when you can…

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10  Oct

I am off to NYC this weekend. This is a personal trip. Should be a good time. Then back to India for a few weeks. This is the first year where I have been out of town as much as in town. If anyone needs info on Etihad or Emirates airlines, let me know.

All is good with it. I have a few options to keep moving forward. I can stick with where I am, do a similar roll in India with a different group, fix a group of developers in the Philippines or start something totally different. I am not positive what direction I will choose. I am aiming for a decision that would go into effect in February.

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10  Oct

I might have missed a few tracks during travel… Gotta hate that.

This beat is sick.

There are a few more hitting rotation, but they will have to get posted soon…

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