24  Jul

I am in London for the weekend. Knightsbridge area is still a bit crazy… I saw three lambos parked in front of Versace, a pagani zonda on the other side of the road, and there are more shops in this area than any where in the world. If you can name it, London probably has it. Harrods was disgusting as usual. I have seen more Maybach’s in the last 24 hours than the last few years. From LV, Gucci, DG, Versace, Gina, to whatever, it is on this strip.

I also decided to make my way to the bape store on the other side of town. I had been wondering the city for a few days and had heard someone mention the shop, so I figured I would try to find it if I was in the area. WE I hadn’t found it for a few days, so I looked it up and the hours. They swung by there to check it out. I got there at 5:30 and it was closed. Site says it closes at 6:30, but what are you going to do… well other than spend your money else where. I did get to do the eye, see big ben, windsor castle, tower bridge, westminister abbey, etc…

I have one more day left then back to India for a few more weeks…

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12  Jul
Do Work

There is a bit to be said about getting things done. There are a few sayings such as “why do today, what you can do tomorrow.”

I have enjoyed the times in life where I have put things off and others have stepped up and filled in for me. That is not necessarily the best strategy though. I would recommend that you hustle and get things done. The sooner you get things done, the more you get done. Then more things will begin to snowball. Once you get the things done that you need to, more options will become available.

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06  Jul
Quick Videos

Here are some songs that I have had in rotation as of late…

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05  Jul
July 4th

Happy 4th.  I was not able to get much celebrating in from here, but was definitely appreciative of all that the US has to offer.  The sky really is the limit.  It might be overlooked at times, but the amount of opportunities that are available in the US is incredible. “America is the land of opportunity”  It is a good point in the year to look at and see where your priorities are.  You can go back to your year goals and adjust accordingly.

“It’s time to get paid”

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goldRush Rally 2KX Teaser from wagenwerks on Vimeo.

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01  Jul

There are different ways that people can view life. This is a different approach that might add value to your outlook.

To be successful you have to create opportunity and add value. I previously had looked at all my jobs as stepping stones to my next “job.” I would think about how I would approach my next job search and interviews. I would seek to refine my resume to tailer my experience to the jobs that were available.

Instead of thinking like this, it has served me better to seek opportunities in various markets. I would think of how I could add value to industries, not to positions offered. I am currently in India developing a business. I could look to find a job position once I return to the US where someone has defined a need for this. Or I could seek to create opportunities for other companies and define the value proposition for them.

People know what they want to do with their business, I can make those things happen. Or I could search for jobs that offer something similar to my current skill set. For me to be truly successful I have to make things happen. I have to define where I am going with things. More on this later…

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