I am reading this book now and liking the writing style. Here is one of the more gangsta quotes about China.

‘America is great because guns make everybody equal. Freedom in China is a pocketful of money,’ he said, showing me a six-inch-thick wad of 50-yuan notes. ‘In China, you either have money or you have to be obedient.’

I will be posting a bit more from the book about arbitrage and other hustles the locals have and have had during the rise.

Popularity: 6% [?]

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  1. Waah Says:

    I like it already!! What book are you reading??

  2. LeGo Says:

    I am reading One Billion Customers by James McGregor. That is where the quote is from. I am also reading a few other books and will have some more quotes coming soon. It is crazy how the main stream business books have a bit of street wisdom in them.

  3. BXE Says:

    That sounds like a must have. I’m a fan of knowledge. The more the Better.

    http://www.billionairexchange.com; the eBay for hustlers.

  4. LeGo Says:

    definitely a dope site. the web is the direction a lot of things are going. that video of the lambo is great.

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