22  Feb
HH Motivation

I just picked up the latest issue of Heavy Hitters. Definitely worth picking up and seeing what people are doing to get to the top of their game. The cars are as sick as ever and the motivation is strong. The liberty walk quad is worth checking out. It is something you can read over and over again. This video speaks to the quality of Heavy Hitters Magazine.

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18  Feb
In the ATL

I am currently in the ATL. Crazy how they made the top 5 on most vacant cities. Riding through downtown in traffic makes you think things are good. Then going through Decatur is a different picture. Time is perfect to hustle. Don’t get caught slippin in the recession hype. Now is the time to prosper.

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If something is worth doing, it is probably not easy. If hustlin’ were easy, everyone would do it. Remember that when you pull an all nighter or stress on something… You are making moves while others are just thinking about making moves.

New lambo leak

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09  Feb

Word, Life is good. It is a good time now, while times are rough to establish solid relationships and find out whom you can trust. Keep that in mind while things might be dragging or slowing down…

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04  Feb
What it do?

I just moved to a new crib and am feeling it.  This was not the cheapest house nor the best investment financially, but it was a mental move.  My new crib is still in Raleigh, but has a better community and backs up to a park that is a couple hundred acres.  So I am a bit motivated, gotta pay for it now.  Just waiting on a bit better weather.  

Anyhow just to keep this somewhat interesting… what is up with music?  I am not an R&B fan, but my stations sometimes play this stuff.  I feel like I need to see naked chicks while driving down the road listening to this… It is like songs are made for the strip club.

Keri Hilson “Turning me on”

Florida “Right Round”

Anyhow, I have been on l4p a bit too much. I might have to step my watch game up soon and get some new wrist wear. I might have to leap frog some gear.

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