20  Jan
Raleigh Snow

We got a bit of snow here today so I can call off a few things and catch up on others… That is just what I needed. Remember always look at the bright side and keep the hustle going. For me it is a great day to reprioritize and get things moving. Until better times, it is time to grind

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15  Jan
Heavy Hitter Vid

Saw this over at BadCopNoDonuts, gotta love the hustle, no matter what it is

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14  Jan
Crib Motivation

These pics speak for themselves…

I saw this crib over at l4p, and the pics are from dazeen

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14  Jan

It is a full time job and requires many hours. The results are worth it though. I have been keeping busy and trying to keep things moving this year. I just got back from a quick trip to NYC. Next few days are grind and more grind.

I can’t wait until they start offering the Marcus Schrenker tourist package… The con on the loose, parachute, then bike to a retreat. Lay low for a few weeks of the grid.

Make it all worth the grind…

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04  Jan
The Big Three

I thought this pic was useless until I heard yesterday Chrysler got $4 b’s (I am assuming we are moving to b’s as billions get thrown around like water). I am still happy with g’s, but the big boys are hitting hard and need new words and ways to express. Anyhow, this pic is great. Don’t hate on me, I have domestic and imports in the game, so I am just delivering the pic.

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“Big shit poppin’ and little shit stoppin’
Ball on these niggas, bein’ broke is not an option”

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