It is time to start thinking of what you plan to do in the upcoming year. Goals in general are great. Making realistic goals and achieving them can be very rewarding. Personally I define goals as things that I can do. I motivate myself with rewards for accomplishing those goals. A goal might be to buy a property and have it pay for itself. The reward and motivation might be a different piece of property, a set of rims or eventually a lambo.

I recommend writting down the goals as it will be easier to hold yourself accountable if they are written down. I will post a few of my small goals soon and try to follow threw with them on this blog. As I write down many of the things I want to do, I realize they are not hard things to accomplish. They are just things I have to go out and do… If your goals are the same way, it can be a good year for a hustla.

What are your goals?

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I found this crib appealing. It has what you need to live a good life and the souroundings make it perfect. Gotta love the open area and the fact that it is in Brazil…

Check out more pics after the break

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26  Dec
Always Pay on Time

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So I am seeing a cycle that is going to need some help to turn around. With banks being tight, house values falling, and people just not having loot, things are rough. For example: I want to get a house. It is listed at $225,000. Bank wants 20% down. It appraises at $210 (today, though six months ago it was around $250).

So just to think aloud on this. I need $42,000 cash to get in the door with the bank (the 20%), plus the 15 g’s that the bank is ignoring because of the low appraisal. So I am looking at $57k which is about 25% of the cost of the house. Considering the house might appraise for 190-210 in the next year, I am holding off.

I feel the value of the house is good at 225, but nothing is moving so it appraises low. I can’t buy it because I wouldn’t be able to leverage it as an asset and I would lose net worth immediately. I feel I need as much cash as possible, and putting into a sinking asset is not what is advised… 3 years ago I could buy the house 80/20 no-doc with no problem. Seems those days are over, even for those that could afford it.

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It appears that the Enzo that was rebuilt and mentioned in the last HH Magazine is up for sale and has a buy it for now price under $1M. This car was crashed into a wall by Eddie Griffen. It was then bought to be fixed and sold. The HH article mentioned it might head to Dubia, but it looks like it could head to a garage in the US… Who knows, check it out on ebay.

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15  Dec
Marky Mark Crib

I am a fan of most of the guys work. Entourage is great. This Crib is also impressive. He has the boxing area, basketball court, gym, pool, theatre, and all the other jazz that makes cribs special. For more details check it out at luxist. Not sure why he has the barbor chair at the crib, but lots of people do. The barbor shop is one of the most fun social places to go. I guess time is a factor…

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08  Dec
Provide Value

No matter what you do, provide value to your end user. It seems like the people that are striving now are those that provide value to others. In my line of work it is critical. We play with the big dogs and the only way we can compete is by providing value. People appreciate value and will pay for it over everything else in down markets. It even turns out that down markets can be good times for value providers. People trim the fat during down times, and look to value partners. You can gain market share against larger more expensive players when times are tough because you add value.

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