The economy is rough in the hood. People do desperate things when forced into a corner. I had a friend have his business held up at gunpoint a week ago. It is sad that things get to this level. I can’t say no one was hurt, but nothing was stolen. I also had some people roll up on me last week. The car creeping in the darkness. I was fortunate to get out of my situation as well. I would say “real recognize real” but “fake recognize real” would be more appropriate.

I am not saying go and get your glock cleaned and loaded, but I am saying to protect what you have. Some people take the game for granted and instead of hustlin’ they rob and steal. There are ways to keep yourself prepared for rough times, like having cash on hand incase banks freeze up. Keep a safe with with enough to maintain for a month or two.

It is generally all good in the hood, but for now proteck your neck…

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22  Oct
Election Update

Neither candidate will make you rich. You are going to have to hustle to get yours. Your not going to cop a maybach becase obama gets in office, and your not going to get the ferrari if mccain gets elected. Your going to get the whip from hustlin’. No one is going to do it for you. So if you want the lifestyle, you have to earn the life. These tight whips aren’t for the lazy…

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19  Oct
Lexus LF-1

Just saw this car, it looks nice. I am glad to see some new things coming out of the Lexus brand.

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The hardest thing to do, is nothing. From a personal perspective, doing nothing is boring and a waste of time for me. From a business perspective, doing nothing feels the same. Everyone I talk to says save you money and wait for the bottom, then buy as much as you can. I have seen some really great deals and it is hard to “do nothing.”

Patience is a great tool. I don’t have much patience but I am learning the value of it (slowly). I think the best bang for my buck will be to wait on the market a bit more, but finding things to occupy my time is hard. I have been doing lots of research and prepping for the right time. I am looking for key words when viewing land, “Very Motivated Seller” or “Bring Offer” or “Short Sale.” I think the best thing to do is prep for the run up, because being late or cash strapped on the turn around is not a good look.

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If you are like me and been rolling by the bookstore to pick up your copy of Heavy Hitters Magazine, now you can just wait for USPS to drop it off. Below is the contact info on how to get the subscription to Heavy Hitters Magazine, via

“Heavy Hitters Magazine is now offering subscriptions online and the easiest way to get it done is by emailing your name and address to the contact person below. You’ll be billed later for only $14.95 for a full year (6 issues) and now you’ll never have to miss a copy or waste your time tracking them down at your local newsstand. Here’s how to do it…..

Please email your name and address to

The subject of your email should say: HH Subscription Request”

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Times are good for the hustle… If you have your game right and your hustle tight this economy is not hitting you as hard as it is hitting others. Sure you might not be banking as much but you have mad opportunities now. This is the time to prosper.

I am back off a bit of a bit of vacation/hustle. Made a trip to DC and down to Myrtle Beach. Should be back on track now.

This track has mad remix’s check’em for some motivation… “Being poor is a disease, gotta hustle up a cure”

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06  Oct

The stock market has hit some harder than others. Imagine losing a few billion. The fourth richest man, Lakshmi Mittal, from forbes world’s richest list has dropped a few positions. Actually he lost $28,000,000,000 (28 billion) over the last four months. That equates to roughly $10,000,00 (yeah $10 million) an hour. Most people work their entire lives and dream of becoming a millionaire. Imagine losing that much every hour for 4 months… Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, ain’t always butta…

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06  Oct
Value of People

It has been brought to my attention recently the value of hard work and good people. To say it bluntly there are a lot of slackers out there. At the same time there are great people as well. Sometimes we need role players and sometimes we need self motivated problem solvers. I have a friend that just doubled the size of his business within a month. He went from 180 people to almost 400. He did this by taking over a competitor. To make the transition go smoothly though he had to depend on some key players. So far everything is going great. It it were just him going along with people that he could not trust he would not be able to succeed.

When you are dealing with such a large group of people it is hard to do it all yourself. You can’t communicate to everyone, so having a few people you can depend on essential. If there is a break in communication it can kill the whole business. Remember to keep good people around you and to reward them along with yourself. Prepare for the success you want to have and keep people you value with you.

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