17  Jul

I have been out this week on vacation.  Internet has been sparse.  I am checking out the pacific coast of south america.  There are some amazing places here that I would love to retire.  You can get land at decent prices and live off of the land. 

I will post on some things later, like islands, whale watching, and party towns.  The most important thing is having your network setup back home so your absence will not be felt too much.  I realized that I am not there nor am I close to being there.  I can always depend on my family, but beyond them, there is not much getting done.  To be able to afford land in various places you have to have the wealth.  So I will post some motivational pics if they turned out well, but hopefully I can touch on the importance of reliable people.  Hopefully I will not be having to do so because of lost revenue, but as a precautionary lesson.

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