I posted a while back about my fascination with modern designed homes.  There are not many of this style in Raleigh, though I am sure there are more than I am aware of.  I ran into a house over at LamiDesign, that I liked a lot.  I would just need to find a place to plop it, and I am always on the look out for land.  The closest thing I have had to a home like this is what was called a tree house up at Wintergreen Ski Resort.  Note the wooden trusses, three for each of the four sides that extend out. 

The house I liked over at LamiDesign is around 2300 sq ft, has three bedrooms, studio, kitchen and living/dining.  What I like is the use of the space outside of the house, that makes the house larger than it really is.  The rooms extend outwards onto terraces that give you an open feeling.  I feel this house would be simple enough for me but at the same time big enough for me and great for entertaining. 
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28  May
Warren Buffett

From Wikipedia, “Warren Edward Buffett (born August 30, 1930, in Omaha, Nebraska) is an American investor, businessman and philanthropist. He is regarded as one of the world’s greatest stock market investors, and is the largest shareholder and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. With an estimated net worth of around US$62 billion, he was ranked by Forbes as the richest person in the world as of February 11, 2008.”

These videos are a bit dated, but seeing the worlds richest person being so candid is worth watching.  Warren definitely gives you a unique perspective on money and how to make it.  There is a lot to take away from these videos.

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I recommend everyone read the Art of War (o El Arte de la Guerra).  There really is no excuse not to read the book.  It is a book that will help you with your life and businesses.  It helps you get your mind right.  If you “don’t have time” to read it, check out the audio book.  The audio book is in mp3 format and will have you done with the book in just over an hour.  It will allow you to get your mind right while driving to work, or walking the dog.  Either way, check out the audio book if you do not have time to read the full text. 

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26  May
New bikes

I have seen quite a few new bike trends lately, from three wheelers to four wheelers.  I like to ride motorcycles.  I am not sure what the experience would be on one of these new style bikes.  From what I hear they are not as easy to handle and not as fun to drive.  As of right now they just have the cool factor.  The first one I have seen a bit of is the Can-Am Spyder.  This is a three wheeled bike with $15,000 price tag.  Not a bad price.  Can-Am is made by the makers of Sea-Doo jetskiis.  Our local dealer chose not to carry the rides (because of the need to support it), so I can check them out at other regional dealers. 

Coming from Bavaria we have the GC Quadster.  This looks nice.  It has a ways to go to be street legal in the US, but it would be fun on the strip. 

The final vehicle will probably never be produced, though it is something that I would love to get on the highway with.  It is a yamaha concept (Deus Ex Machina).  It looks odd in the picture, but once on the road at higher speeds, the front two wheels would expand forward and have the driver almost laying flat out face down.  Your riding position starts in an exoskeleton that looks very futuristic.  Again, I would love to get into one of these to see how it rolls on the highway. 

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23  May
Quotes for today

I saw these this morning and thought they were worth sharing.   

“It’s not because things are difficult that we don’t dare. It’s because we don’t dare that things are difficult.” Seneque

“The wise man asks himself the reason of his mistakes, the fool asks others” Chinese Proverb

“Man is a pupil, pain is his teacher” Alfred de Musset

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23  May

“After making a reputation for himself as a local DJ, DMX (who was inspired by DMX digital sounds machines) decided to take his skills further as a rapper. He signed with Columbia Records when he released the promo single, “Born Loser.” But DMX was no loser, and he left Columbia Records when he realized that he wasn’t the record label’s first priority — in the early ’90s, Kris Kross and Cyprus Hill were all the rage. ” from AskMen.  Get at me dog, posted below.

It is crazy the moves people have to make to get where they want to be. It probably seems crazy at the time, but looking back those crazy moves are what let you get ahead.

I really like the track “Born Loser.” Lyrics are below.

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Life is not always fair…

Lamborghini LP-560 video…

This has Paris Hilton’s name all over it (or whatever chick Scott Storch is dating this month). 

I got a few new domains this week.  I am going to see if I can flip them.  I am going to have to do some research but will advice if I can make any loot on it.  If you have any advice let me know. 

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I came across this list yesterday and was impressed.  The first three items were so dead on, I had to bring the list over here.  You can check the original site for blurbs on each of the top 10. 

   1. Accept whatever salary an employer offers.
   2. Don’t try to improve yourself at work.
   3. Never leave the company you work for.
   4. Don’t track how much you earn and spend.
   5. Spend more than you earn.
   6. Ignore work benefits.
   7. Ignore your tax withholdings. 
   8. Don’t open any IRAs.
   9. Invest sometime later.
  10. Saving is complicated.

The negative reinforcement here is great. 

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19  May

Monopoly used to be the game.  I always enjoyed playing monopoly as a kid.  It takes a long time to actually finish a game, but I enjoyed playing the game and learning the strategy behind it.  There are some lessons in the game that can be applied to real life. 

 1.  Start Early – It seems it is never to early to start investing and hustling.  Money is not going to just come to you.  In monopoly you have to get as many properties as you can and as quickly as you can.  Then you can start reaping the benefits when people drop by.  If you wait, others will have already taken your spot.  In real life you are losing time the longer you wait to get started.  Time is something you can never get back.

2. Luck has a lot to do with things – There is a lot of luck involved with this game.  If you land in jail, or don’t get the right properties in the beginning the game is harder for you.  If you get doubles and just roll around the track, you can have a great time playing the game.  Luck fortunately/unfortunately has its place in the real world as well.  As the saying goes, the more you hustle the luckier you get.  You have to play the game to get lucky.

3. Skill will put you past the lucky player – Life mimics the game of monopoly in many ways.  The more strategic you are though, the better your chances of success.  In this game and with life, skill can dominate luck over time.  I have friends that get lucky, and then make the same mistakes over and over again.  You have to progress and learn from your surroundings. 

 What lessons do you feel you can learn from Monopoly?

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18  May
Affordable Ferrari

I am sure we would all like to have an Enzo or FXX.  Then again, we would all like a Ferrari that we can afford.  The Dino would not be “cheap” as Ferrari has noted, but rather a car that could reach a larger audience.  I am not a big fan of the first shot below, but the second looks sick.  I think the second would be a great car for Ferrari to put on the market.  I think the first would devalue the brand (but I think that everytime I see things like a Ferrari gym or computer). 

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