30  Apr
Long days

Just got off a long day of grinding.  Pushing the 24 is crazy.  Theoretically working smarter is the way to go at it.  I get a bit less productive around 18 hours in and need long breaks.  Either way as far as things go, if I don’t get it done, it doesn’t get done.  Learning curves can be painful for everyone, so hiring and training is not always the best thing.  If you are goin to have to work long hours, try to enjoy what you do and get paid for it.  Cars can keep me going.  It is hump day and I have already put in a about 36 hours, I always enjoy motivation…

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It does not help the game when people put out information that is false or misleading.  I do not like wasting my time and it puts a really bad taste in peoples mouths when you go out of your way to mislead.  I went to check out a small house with renting it in mind.  Here is the web description and picture. 

All Brick Ranch with fenced in backyard in established neighborhood. Many improvements include:All new vinyl and carpet, fresh interior/exterior paint, new doors, blinds, range and kitchen countertops and cabinets. Enjoy patio view of mature cherry tree. Refrigerator and outside storage shed convey.

I was good with the description until I saw the house.  The following statements are where things got kinda weird for me, “new doors, blinds, range and kitchen countertops and cabinets.”  There may have been 2 new interior doors in the house.  All doors were not replaced, which is not really false, but misleading.  There were no blinds in the house at all.  Maybe they were going to put in some new blinds, but they were not in when I stopped by. 

The flyer in the house said “Newly installed range,” and the web description allude to a new range.  This was interesting as well, because the range was old.  It might have been new to the house but it was not new.  The countertops were new and not misleading at all, which was a welcomed thing to see.  The cabinets on the other hand were not new at all.  They were however painted recently, but not new.

 I felt like I had gone to the wrong house and double checked the address a few times.  The flyer had a disclaimer, to the effect of “Information provided by sellers, subject to independent verification by the buyer.”  When people mislead it gives the impression that they are not trustworthy.  You never know what to believe when you deal with them.  I was considering this house, but have since decided against the house, just based on the lies/misleading information. 

Honesty goes a long ways…

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27  Apr
BMW M1 Concept

This is an interesting car.  I am not sure if I like it on first glance, but it would be intersesting to see in person.  It might be nice.

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25  Apr
Stimulus Checks

What to do?  600 a person.  Lets just call it a bonus from work or a tax rebate, or whatever?  What do you plan to do with yours?  I would probably directly drop this on a house note.  It is something great to have, but not enough to do anything major with.  I will spend well over the stimulus amount just on the increase in gas prices.  Here are some random ideas on things to do with the money for starters. 

  • First, if you have credit card debts.  Knock those out if you can, or atleast put a dent into them.  Anything where you have high interest, get rid of as much as you can. 

  • If you do not have a stock trading account, this could be the boost to get you started.  Locally I use Scottrade.  I am happy with them.  There is a local branch and I have really never had any problems. 

  • Incorporate?  The paper work will run you a few hundred dollars.  This will give you a tax id and all the fun things that come with owning your own business.  You could probably do this and keep $200 dollars to drop on whatever you please. 

I couldn’t really think of much more, so help me out with ideas…  I am realizing that you aren’t going to put a dent in the Malibu land that just went up for sale at $130 million.  It could help you get started though.

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Who is keeping you from meeting your goals?  Who is keeping you from the lifestyle you want?  Why don’t you have the portfolio you want, the real estate, the money, the cars, the girls, the friends, the vacations, etc…  There have been many times in my life where I felt I was held back from various goals.

I was at a book store this past weekend killing some time between meetings (and looking to get the new Heavy Hitters Magazine, which was not out yet).  So I walk around and pass the business section to see what is new.  I notice that things have not really changed, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Millionaire this and that, books on everything.  I pass by a guy with 20 of the 50 top selling business books of all time on a table.  He is studying it as if money will fall out of the sky if he memorizes the right passage.  It is as if he is looking for “The Answer” in these books.  Do you consider that trying?
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Definitely a sick car. This kit is for the outgoing model of the Gallardo.

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21  Apr
Obama Raleigh

Raleighwood representing.  Jay-Z politics (dirt off shoulders).  I found this first video over at hiphopremix.com.  Then I just assumed that 99 problems would be on youtube.  It is funny where hip hop can be found. 

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20  Apr
Fysh Clothing

I am friends with one of the guys that runs this company.  They have great designs with mad quality.  If you are looking for something fresh check out Fysh Clothing.  Here is a bit about the company. Shop is now open with the new line.

“FYSH Clothing Co. is an underground brand in every sense of the word. Built on the back of it’s four creators we have so far made a small impact in the online community of streetwear. Our daily lives and interests in combination with nautica overtones provide FYSH with an interesting take on clothing. We strive to bring our customers a simplistic style with small bits of flare.”

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I saw this video over at livingoffdividends.  It does an amazing job of explaining what happened with the housing situation we are in now.  The last 5 minutes of the video are great.  The video explains how hedge fund managers made hand over fist loot and how the market is just getting prime again with the falling interest rates and housing prices for them to start making more money. 

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So what is going on?  The facts.  You hear about foreclosures happening daily and rates increasing each month.  Banks are being tighter with money and loans.  Houses are still being built.  People still desire to have roofs over there head.

It would seem to me that the renting market would be growing.  I have not really heard much about that though, through the media.  Current renters are having a harder time buying homes because of the new and tighter restrictions on getting new mortgages.  I assume that people that are foreclosing on homes are not getting new homes, but rather going to be moving into the rental market.

Renters in some markets are even being kicked out of the places they are renting because the owners of the homes are not able to make payments.  So people that are renting need places to stay.

Many people I talk to about homes are very discouraging about investing now because “we have not seen the worst of the housing problems.”  They see it only getting worse.  Their advice is to wait until things bottom out.  I will be the first to tell you that no news organization will tell you when we hit the bottom, because they will not know.  Each market segment is different as well.  Here in Raleigh we have not really seen a large trend downwards yet.  There are a few builders holding homes but it does not feel like they are completely unfolding yet.

I have seen some people get homes that I thought were ridiculously overpriced for what I thought was market value.  This to some is demonstrating a trend, though I feel they were just going with the hype.  I am not big on hype.

So what is the move?  I am leaning towards rental properties, with some hesitations.  More houses are being built, you would still need to get a decent price on the homes, and you will need to be able to cover your mortgage each month.  With a growing rental market and people having more difficulties getting mortgages, it seems logical.  You might want to look into niche rental markets and/or stay away from rental neighborhoods.  I feel that here are options.

There are people making money now and that will continue to strive during this downturn.  They are thinking outside of the box and ignoring the hype.  News organizations, Fox, CNN, CNBC, whomever, will not tell you where to invest.  Seems they are only reactionary and stating the obvious.  Now is the time to find good deals.  If you are able to prosper now, you will probably blow up when the market recovers.

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