29  Feb
Your Lifestyle

 What lifestyle do you strive to have?  If you are happy with your current lifestyle, you can skip this little article and check out the archives as this might not really apply to you.  If you are not happy with your lifestyle, ask yourself what lifestyle do I want?  It seems to me that many people have dreams of certain lifestyles but are either afraid to enter the lifestyle or that people are not sure when to enter them.  My question is, why not start today?  Are there things you can do now to get you prepared to move into the lifestyle that you want to have? 

 For example if you want the big pimpin lifestyle from Jay-Z’s video and you have no social network, you have more to concentrate on then just money.  You need to build up connections and make friends.  The friends you get from just having money are not the type you want. 

 If you want to get into the car culture lifestyle, start going to events, hang out and get to know the lifestyle.  If you eventually want to own a club, but haven’t been to one in 5 years, how adapt are you going to be to the lifestyle and trends when you get the loot to make it happen.  If you want to be high fashion, but don’t really care about your appearance now, when will you, what will be the changing point. 

 If you want to be something or do something, make that your lifestyle.  Make your money through your passions.  Money can only drive you so far.  More than likely what is stopping you from the lifestyle you want is you, not money.  If it is truely money, evaluate what lifestyle you want and what lifestyle you have.  Then look at the gap.  Figure out how you are going to close the gap and what sacrifices you will need to make on the way.  Once you know that difference, you can plot out how you are going to get there.  Do not forget though to think of your life in the period of getting there.  You will be living that lifestyle now. 

Following are some motivational videos about lifestyles.
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27  Feb
HH Was not playing

I figured I would post this vid for a little motivation this am.  Car game is tight. 

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A little personal info as I am from Durham, NC.  My family is split between both Duke and UNC.  For various reasons I came out of colege loving basketball and not being a big fan of Duke.  I sport the UNC baseball cap in Raleigh.  I will leave that at that.  ACC is big around here.  We have mad teams in the NCAA that ball.  This is balling country. 

 Anyhow I am watching this Vanderbilt game versus Tennessee.  Vanderbilt has the most amazing court I have ever seen, strategically.  It is a “basketball” court.  I would love to see every Duke game on this court.  Basically the teams are not on the sideline of the court, but rather 15 feet under the basket.  As I write number 14 Vandy is up 18 to 7 over the number 1 ranked Tennessee.  I say this is a “basketball” court because it appears that players, not coaches/refs, will determine the outcome of this game.  Strategically an amazing court. 

UPDATE: Tennessee 9 Vanderbilt 20, Tennessee coach just got a technical foul.  A little bit frustrated.

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27  Feb
From the Bible

Proverbs 13:11  “Wealth gained dishonestly dwindles away, but he who gathers by hand makes it grow.” 

 I am going to let this one ride.  Seems simple enough. 

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This comes directly from Miyamoto Musashi and The Book of 5 Rings.  This is a part of the nine ethics that he taught in the Gorin no sho.

 You should avoid waisting your time as a part of your strategy.  Your endeavors do not always have to generate an immediate reward or even a monetary reward.  There are things we all do to build relationships, that might seem to be useless, but these endeavors are necessary for future projects.  Those are okay.  It is also okay to do charity, if you benefit are able to gain from that (even if just emotionally or spiritually). 

What you should avoid are things that bring negativity into your life.  You should avoid things that take away too much of your time.  You should own your life and avoid useless endeavors.  This is a strategy that should be used for those that want to become successful.  If you do not want to be successful, enjoy useless endeavors.  Think about this.  Think about your life, think about where you can apply this. 

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25  Feb
Modern Houses

I am thinking of getting a new personal house and really like the styling of the modern homes.  Around Raleigh though I have not seen many houses like this.  So I am looking for some land to put it on.  Of course this land would have to be unrestricted, non HOA, etc…  and preferably a bit secluded, if possible, with all the glass.  Just to give an idea on land here, there is a piece downtown, in the “ruff” section of town going for $10,000.  It is only a .06 acres though.  There is half an acre near north hills going for $285,000.  Then you get outside the city and you can get 2-3 acres for around $65-70,000.  Lots of people buy houses downtown and tear them down.  So I am not sure what I am going to do.

Check out the following pictures to see where I am coming from with respect to modern homes.  I would like something that is a reflection of me and also something that will work around me.  The pics below were taken from here.  Does anyone here have experience with this type of home?

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22  Feb

I am a firm believer that you can do nearly anything you want to in life.  However there are steps that have to be taken to get you to where you want to be.  If you want to be a doctor, you need to study and focus on doing such.  If you want to be a real estate investor, you probably want to study real estate.  You need to be dedicated to the things you want to do in order to succeed. 

That being said you need to know when to quit.  I feel comfortable buying real estate and selling it for a profit.  Am I ready to flip a sky scraper in New York?  Probably not.  But I am on the road to be able to such things.  If the opportunity presented itself to me today I would probably have to quit before I got started.  I am not prepared for that large of an investment. 

It is like this, anyone can get a Royal Flush in poker.  Though you can not make every hand a Royal Flush, you have to know when to gamble and more importantly at times when to fold.  The more you learn about the game though, the more capable you will be to succeed when you have opportunities presented to you. 

I have had a few opportunities present themselves to me over the past few weeks that I have not been able to take on.  They have been a bit bigger than I could handle.  I figured it would be best to fold off the bat before I lose my shirt later on.  I am the type of person that looks for deals all of the time, in anything.  So when I find something that I am not ready for, it hurts.  At the same time it motivates me to move on to the next thing so that when the deal comes around, I will be prepared.  Never stop. 

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20  Feb
Your plane?

How much are you putting into your new A380?  Does it have room for 600, a hot tub, dining room w/ marbled up walls and seating for 14, a gym and a couple luxury suites?  Just to add insult to injury, there will also be a movie theatre room, and the plane will be painted in gold leaf.  Gold leaf doesn’t mean cheap, that is pushing $50 mil on it’s on. 

 People are aiming for crazy things for these huge planes.  Another idea for a few of these planes is to have them as casinos.  China is growing as a gambling hotspot and it is rumored a few of these planes have been ordered to be used as casinos. 

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I personally did not have a lot of mentors.  I had a lot of people I had looked up to throughout the years, to not really “mentors.”  But this dude at wordsellinc did.  He posted about it, so I am going to repost it.  This is a list of 50 things he learned.  Seems like it could be decent advice.  Tomorrow I will follow up with some more quotes from a different perspective…

1. It’s common for small errors to cripple a business.
2. It’s rare for a big idea to catapult a business.
3. Always be searching for the big idea anyway.
4. Suppliers are as important as customers.
5. Pay bills on time.
6. Give people your full attention.
7. Have benchmarks and really study them.
8. The most effective business people are well rounded.
9. Ask for the order.
10. Always be willing to walk away from a negotiation.

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I recently picked up a copy of Heavy Hitters Magazine.  It is amazing that there was nothing out there like this.  Basically this is a mag that highlights hood superstars.  I am oversimplifying that, but that is how I see it.  I have read that the mag is about amazing cars and that their owners are showcased, that they will interview celebs if the cars qualify them, to various other things the magazine represents. 

Another way to put the description of the magazine is to say that it is a Dubs or Rides magazine without the bs publicity machine behind mainstream media.  It is a street magazine, not a gossip magazine.  The magazine highlights the life of people grinding.  One of the crazy pieces in the last magazine was about a Sheikh and his lifestyle.  What types of cars he has to the exotic animals he keeps.  I never really understood what a Sheikh was, and this gave me a better idea.  The first edition had Mr. Cartoon interviewed.  The most recent edition had some urban legends in it as well.   

 I think this magazine will take off strong.  Don’t get caught slipping on this one.  The stories are mad motivational.  It is great to see that you can make money doing almost anything as long as you hustle.  There is some amazing advice about how to avoid backstabbing, how your friends become jealous and can be your worst enemy once you get big, to how to deal with the government…

The second edition of the magazine is on stands and I highly recommend getting a copy.  There is no online ordering and really no website, other than the myspace page. 

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