If you haven’t seen the crib this is a good intro.  The crib is around 50,000 sq ft and is on the market for $18.5 mil.  It is located in Farmington, Connecticut.  It used to be Mike Tyson’s crib, before he started biting ears and blew up his life.  Forget the stripper pole, get the nightclub.  Want to record, just go and do it.  Overdrive has a few minute intro to the cribs episode.  If you missed it last night it will be on at 7:30 Saturday night, get your tivo warmed up. 

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Neiman Marcus always has a decent list of gifts for Christmas.  The sub caught my eye.  I had a friend that spent time on one in Honduras during a Discovery Channel taping.  The seem like they would be a lot of fun, especially for lazy divers.  This one is listed for 1.44 million.  Check out the NM Gem Triton 1000 Submarine.  These are the things that keep me motivated. 

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Why not spend some loot on your air force ones? I am not personally as into shoes as some people.  A few friends have 40-50 pairs, and few have lots more.  This type of money is sick, hood rich.  I am not sure this is the message Outkast wanted to put out when Git Up Git Out was released. This is Big Boi from Outkast showing off the new kicks he got. Generally they run for $225, but these got the $49,775 upgrade.

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So I am not really an expert on anything, but I can manage to do most things.  I had initially thought that painting sucked.  Well I have changed my mind tile now takes the crown.  I have officially missed a huge deadline and am still doing the kitchen tile.  I spent two full days 10+ hours on it and did not finish.  Not to mention there are two full bathrooms upstairs to tile as well. 

The kitchen was more difficult than I had expected.  There are two closets and a bathroom that also have to be done that are connected to the kitchen.  There are five doors that had to be cut around, not including the cabinets and other shapes.  I also thought it would be cool to do a design.  I went with a simple design that killed me on time.  I will post some pics when I am done with it.  I used 12 inch tile on a 300 sq ft room, that is a lot of tile to lay.  Hopefully I am only a week behind, but we will soon find out (as soon as I finish the tile). 

 There is still a bunch of random items to get done as well.  Just to name a few, a gutter needs to be replaced, new kitchen counter tops, three doors, door casing/jam, a piece of vinyl on the exterior, touch up paint, etc…  So I am cutting into the week I had given myself for extras.  The counter tops are special order and might take a few extra “weeks” to get in.  So to put things nicely I am learning a lot on this flip. 

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27  Nov
Rims, Why Not…

 If you are going to drop a mil on some rims…  Well you get a something to put the rims on, a $250,000 Bentley Coupe and full time security for the car.  People that would have this kind of money definitely motivate me and make me feel like I can be there.  This is from luxist.  Btw, it is a mil for 4 rims…

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27  Nov

So I have been posting a few books on the site as a Christmas List of sorts.  If you haven’t seen them check them out here.  The top row is essential for strategy.  The others are as close to essential as you can get.  Blink and Tipping point are great for businesses and easy reads.  The World is Flat is also a great read if you are thinking of expanding globally or if you are looking to have an edge on your competition.  I recommend all of these to prepare yourself for making good decisions quickly. 

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This crib is big.  The saying go big or go home has a new meaning when you look at homes in the 20,000 sq ft range.  This house has a couple of pools that connect in the back yard, bowling alley, theatre, indoor basketball, golf simulator and all the basics of a multi million dollar home.  It is located in Tennessee and is listed at $7.9 mil.  This is what the hustle is about. 

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I am posting a bit late in the day for me.  Tomorrow is a big day and I will be doing tile all day, so I figured I would try and get a post in today.  I am putting tile in 4 rooms, the kitchen and 3 baths.  Not to mention vinyl in the wash room.  I am hoping to get it all done early tomorrow so that I can grout the tile on Sunday.  If this is accomplished I will still be on schedule…

 I am still doing tough up paint and it is almost making me suicidal.  Seems every time I pick up a brush I have more to paint.  I have not found a color that matches the ceiling yet, and I am trying to avoid having to paint all of it.  I have also put on my third coat of paint on the trim in the house.  I have a few hard deadlines to hit.  The next big one is carpet on Thursday.  So I have to have a few things done by then, and the spots on the ceiling is one of them. 

This should be a big weekend.  I am wanting to cross some things off of the list so I can concentrate on other projects.  I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  I know I did.  I was feeling it today trying to move around. 

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I have always been told to surround myself with people whom are better than I am at what I want to do.  This started with basketball as a kid.  If I wanted to get better I had to practice with people that were better than me.  This definitely helped me.  This falls true in everything that I do now. 

Once you really start to hustle and grind, your time begins to disappear.  You only have a small amount of time to network and be with friends or it is what you spend all of your time doing.  It is important that those friends be ones that can motivate you.  Having good friends and networks can help you when you are in a crunch and need help quicly.  If you don’t have these friends and networks you can be like a fish out of water. 

I am not saying drop all your friends and start over but definitely evaluate what you want in life and how you feel your friends are either helping or hurting that cause.  I wanted to write about this as motivations can come from anywhere.  I got a text from a friend two days ago that went something like this, “Just got a house for 300, appraised for over 600 gonna be a good Christmas…”  The week before I was sending out text messages searching for product I needed and was able to get it within the hour.  Having this network can not only get you free product but it can also provide the first hand look at success that you might need to motivate.

There are thousands of books on this subject.  You can pick up pointers from them and gain some insight.  Such as never eat alone, be sociable, go to networking events, etc…  Generally speaking though books on strategy will help guide you just as much.  Good strategy applies to everything.  In anything you do choose wisely.  Once you know strategy it all becomes second nature. 

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20  Nov
Land vs. Homes

I am in a position now where I am looking for another investment.  I have three things that are on the plate now.  I am not sure which way I want to go yet.  I am always looking for new things and these three have popped up recently. 

 Land outside of Raleigh: There is a track of land for sale 30 minutes east of Raleigh.  22 acres for an asking price of 6 an acre.  There is not much road frontage, actually none just and easement.  It is probably not developable.  It would be more of an investment long term.  I might be able to get around 20 g’s in timber right off the bat, if I clear cut it.  If I do that though the land would be pretty useless for 10 years.  I see it being held onto to sell straight up later or I could spec a house later.  I feel this is a sound investment with a low return.  ~$132,000

Houses in Durham:  You can generally get houses in Durham between 40 and 50 g’s.  You can then try to put 5-10 into them and sell them for 60-65 g’s.  Or you can pull out the equity around that and rent them out.  This investment would be a bit more risky as the houses may not move quickly and they are in rough sections of town.  But it can be very quick money.  So high risk, high return, quickly, sink or swim type deals…  ~$90,000

House Downtown Raleigh:  This would be an investment in a house that would be rented out.  The long term goal would be that someone would come along in 5-10 years wanting the land and surrounding land for developing a hotel or what not.  The rent would need to cover the mortgage, but might be hard to get.  This is a long term risk with huge potential, but not guaranteed.  ~$160,000

 In general if you can rent a house and make a little a month everything sounds good.  There would have to be a lot left over each month on the houses I am looking at because there will probably be a lot of things that break throughout the life of the homes.  I would be slowly gaining equity and could pull that out as needed or borrow against it.  I could throw cash on them but would have my money held up.  There are a lot of options.  These are three that are standing out right now.  Hopefully something better comes along.  If nothing comes up, no need to sit around, there is always money laying around waiting for someone to pick it up.  The Ferrari and Lambo’s are not going to buy themselves.

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