31  Oct
Happy Halloween

Before you go out and eat 6 snickers tonight, get a head start on your New Years resolutions.  Gain weight season officially starts tonight.  I have a few sites to help fight the temptation.  I mentioned the 300 Workout a while back and I think the work out is a good goal.  Check out the schedule on the site for the daily workout from the gym that trained the 300 guys. 

Another good site to check out is CrossFit.  I like the work outs on these sites because they do two things, they work multiple muscles and they do not take hours to do.  If you are on the fence about whether you can do this check out John Stone Fitness.  His photo gallery shows how he went from a slob to ripped day by day.  If you are not at the gymjones or crossfit level yet and you want to follow others on a journey to fitness check out Fat Man Unleashed.  Either way do yourself a favor and do not over endulge tonight.

 What are some of your favorite links?

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30  Oct
Where you been?

This is a unique site, Flight Memory.  I added a few of my flights to it to create a sample map.  This is an interesting way to keep track of all of your flights, if you want to. 

Domestic flights map.

This is the international map. 
Along with keeping track of your flights, seeing some crazy stats and these maps you can also order posters…  So where have you been? 

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30  Oct
DVR or Lose

If you are going to watch TV there is only one way to do it. That is to skip the commercials. You can’t lose 20 minutes an hour watching someone sell you something. That is of course if you are going to watch TV. Most shows are a waste of time, but some can help with the hustle and strategy. Such as Sopranos or Survivor. Then some others can help with motivating people to get out there and do something. Entourage is good for that, pay attention to Ari. Unless you are studying commercials for personal marketing intelligence, don’t waste your time.

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The inspection period has passed.  We had all the utilities turned on and noticed a few more problems.  Nothing too large though.

The closing will be on the 9th of November.  Not that far out.  We are working on a tight schedule of three weeks for the flip with a week for carry over (incase something blows up).  I have to get the schedule as tight as I can and the budget tight as well.  Without sticking to the budget and schedule things could get messy quick.  Once more happens I will update.  They say it is always extremely quiet before the storm hits, it is definitely quiet right now.

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SUN TZU via scribd 

Sun Tzu dice: la guerra es de vital importancia para el Estado; es el dominio de la vida o de la muerte, el
camino hacia la supervivencia o la pérdida del Imperio: es forzoso manejarla bien. No reflexionar seriamente
sobre todo lo que le concierne es dar prueba de una culpable indiferencia en lo que respecta a la conservación o
pérdida de lo que nos es mas querido; y ello no debe ocurrir entre nosotros.
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27  Oct
Do not sleep

So before the new year there are two things that will happen. First the Wu-Tang will be dropping a new joint. If you doin’t know who the WU is, check out the videos menu on the right of the page. Then cop the first album. The new album drops Dec 11th.

Before that though, in about a week American Gangster will hit the theaters. Since seeing Man on Fire for the first time I have been following Denzel. Denzel plays the role of a Harlem drug lord. Russell Crowe plays the role fo a streetwise cop. Movie hits November 2nd.

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26  Oct
300 Workout

So 300 came out a while back. I felt it was better in the theatre then in the crib. Not going to hate, dudes was in shape. I was quick to assume they had some pill/needle/camera help. Not sure what rock I was under but I was late to figure out the workout plan. If you hadn’t seen it, check it out here at Gym Jones. But as far as it goes the “300 Workout” is as follows…

25 pull-ups
50 deadlifts at 135 pounds
50 push-ups
50 box jumps with a 24-inch box
50 “floor wipers” (a core and shoulders exercise at 135 pounds)
50 “clean and press” at 36 pounds (a weight-lifting exercise)
25 more pull-ups
300 reps in under 20 minutes…

don’t sleep on the Man-Makers either. From the site, looks like what they do could do wonders for peeps.

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This is the type of thing that keeps me motivated.  This is a H2X Yachts Bradley Catamaran.    This 85 footer has room for 14, 5 double rooms and a master cabin.  It also has a double spa, sun deck, and many other goodies.  The pics do more than what words can say.  More details are on the link.


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This comes from Machiavelli’s The Pince, it should be self explanitory. There are many places that this can be applied in daily hustle.

“Men should be either treated generously or destroyed, because they take revenge for slight injuries – for heavy ones they cannot.”

“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”

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Well the house will soon be under contract.  Things move slow in different industries.  Most of my work has to have a quick turn around, but I seem to find myself waiting on others a bit.  Anyhow.  Papers are signed on my end, waiting for the seller to sign the addendum.  Here is what is up next…

  • Get my attorney up to speed and ready for closing.
  • Get the money tight/right.
  • Get all the utilities turned on before the inspection period is over.
  • Get a home inspector out there to inspect the property.

That is the basics of what will be happening this week.  I have 6 days for inspection so all of this has to happen quickly.  If all goes well, we will close 2-3 weeks from right now.  There are other things on the plate to get ready to do.  After closing I will need to have insurance on the house, cover the utilities, and flip the house.  The house should be straight forward to flip.  I will post the details as they get done.

 If you have any questions, do ask…  I should be able to answer most of them. 

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